Our Books and Stories

Short Stories

Don’t You Think My Mommy’s Pretty?

Our first story is a short clean Christian military romance.


She swore she would never fall for a military man again. Then, he walked into her life.

Synopsis: Tammy, widowed mother of one, has spent the last two years trying to overcome the death of her husband while simultaneously raising her son Timmy. When Carl was killed while on deployment in Afghanistan, her entire world came crashing down around her. She swore she would never again let herself get involved with a man in uniform. It was clear, however, that the Lord had different plans in mind when He brought Larson Sherman into her life. Will she be able to move past her fears and let herself become swept away by the confident, handsome service man? Or will she deny herself her chance at happiness in order to protect her heart?

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Southern Summers

Our second story we will be publishing is a clean young/new adult short.

Southern Summer Cover.jpg

He was everything she was looking for–and everything she couldn’t have.

Synopsis: Melissa, a junior in college, dreaded her family’s yearly trips out to the cabin in the middle of nowhere Tennessee. This year was no different. She expected her summer to be filled with the usual family dinners and lazy strolls through the shopping district in the Gatlinburg tourist trap. She didn’t expect, however, to have a run in with Josh Miller, the attractive, self-assured cowboy who would turn her world upside down. The problem? She was already in a long-term relationship, and the man she was seeing had been dropping hints about popping the question. Will she follow her head and stay with Brent? Or will she follow her heart and go after Josh?

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