Love from Asturias

If you’re wondering why we’ve been so absent from the blogging world the last week or so, the answer is simple!

Half of our dynamic duo has been on vacation. =)

It’s been a much needed, relaxing vacation to a northern region of Spain known as Asturias. Famous for its yummy cheese, to-die-for “sidra” (hard apple cider), awe-inspiring landscape, and quaint villages, Asturias has been an amazing getaway.

Don’t worry, though. In just a few days we’ll be back to normal.

Until then, sending love from Asturias!

Just a quick side-note–I went ahead and made a blog specifically for travel! =) So, if you’re interested, check it out HERE


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My photo of Cudillero


Let’s Talk Travel!


Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 1.39.55 PM.png

Picture from Whitney’s Christmas trip to Prague

As was mentioned in a previous post we both share a very deep-seeded love of travel. Together we have been to Japan (twice), Puerto Rico, Spain (Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Salamanca), and London. Separately we’ve been to a whole heap of countries, from Hungary to Australia, Greece to Costa Rica, and countless others in between. So, with that in mind, we decided to make a quick list of some of our favorite places, experiences, and memories.
Hope you enjoy and share some of your own experiences of traveling!

The Basics:

Favorite Country: Whitney- Spain (I had to say Spain… I mean, I lived there for 4 years! haha)
Wendy- Japan

Favorite City: Whitney- Cáceres (Extremadura, Spain)
Wendy- Chicago, IL

Prettiest City: Whitney- Prague, Czech Republic
Wendy- Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain)

Getting a little more technical:

Strangest tradition: Whitney- In Salamanca they have this tradition called “lunes de aguas” roughly translated to “Monday of water.” It takes place the Monday after the Easter holidays, and it has some interesting historical origins. Basically, during lent the prostitutes were sent outside the city, to the other side of the river (you know, to keep things pure and whatnot). Well, on the day they were allowed to re-enter the city, everyone would go down to the river, bring them back over on boats, and have a party! Today, there are no prostitutes in boats, but everyone still goes down to the river, has the traditional “hornazo” (it’s like a meat pie type thing) and celebrates “lunes de aguas.”

Wendy – The hongi a traditional Māori greeting in New Zealand. You press your forehead and nose at the same time to someone else’s and breathe.

Weirdest Local/ Cultural Habit: Whitney- In Spain, when you pass someone on the streets that you know, instead of saying “hello” you say “goodbye.” I don’t know, that just always seemed really strange to me.

Wendy – Never pointing with or using your feet in Thailand. Not doing this is harder then one thinks, just cross your legs and look at where they are pointing. How often do you use your feet to open a door?

Most moving experience: Whitney- Going to the monuments in Hiroshima with my grandma, who lived in Japan when the A-bombs fell. It was very moving listening to her tell stories of her life during that time and the experiences she had. (I was 16 at the time, and she was around my age when the bombs fell, so it was really interesting hearing how life was for her when she was my age.)

Wendy – I agree with Whitney. It was the first time I heard my mother speak of her experiences during the war and it really struck me that she was the same age as her granddaughter when she went through them.

This may be an on-going thing in our “Random” posts, so for now we’ll leave just leave it at that. In the future we may add more posts with more questions/ answers. 

What about you? What country do you love, or city do you dream of returning to? What strange things have you seen? Or what almost moved you to tears?