Liberty in Crisis

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Mom and Me Publishing is proud to announce the release of Whitney Dyes’ first novel.

Liberty in Crisis

Things were done a certain way. They had been done that way since the end of the War. Coryn knew that. She had even come to accept it. She had accepted that her life would be one constant string of pre-determined events arranged by her parents and witnessed by the entire City.

That carefully constructed string of events begins to fray, however, when the Traitors living outside of the City Wall begin to threaten everything Liberty’s proud Townspeople fought to create and strove to preserve.

The only thing that will guarantee that Liberty stands the test of time is ensuring that her family’s hold on the central seat of power remains intact. As her father’s older daughter, the responsibility falls to Coryn. But, not the responsibility to lead—the responsibility to wed. She must choose a suitor, and in doing so, select her city’s future leader and the man she will be forced to answer to for the rest of her life.

With the City’s future hinged on her present, Coryn suddenly finds herself drawn to the past. In a whirlwind of rebellion, she finds herself questioning everything she’s been told, everything she believes, and everything she’s about to do.

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Update :)

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Wendy here with an update.

So we have been remiss in not keeping up with our blog. Sorry, life just seems to eat up time.

Whitney has been busy being a successful free-lance writer but promises to return soon.

Me, well since I have started writing my mind has been full of stories I would love to tell. This has led to me just being totally unproductive.

So I have returned to my very first story, The Solution. It is truly my first love if one could claim that sort of thing. Hopefully, it will be completed in July 2017.

My desire in writing The Solution is to tell a story in a simple but intriguing style. My writing method may seem unusual but hopefully capture your imagination. To me, a book should be a door into your imagination and me the writer should spark that imagination as I take you along on a story you can see in your mind and heart.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving! One of my favorite holidays!

I love the environment of the day. Getting together with family, reminiscing on the past year. Counting our blessings, and looking forward to the upcoming Holiday Season, when we get to spend more time together.

And–the food! I mean, how can anyone be unhappy on a day that you get to eat what is arguably the largest meal of the year?

Well, this year, like the last 4 years, I’ll be in Spain. An ocean away from my family.

But, despite that, I’ve still found a way to enjoy Thanksgiving. For the last four years, my American friend here in Spain and I have put together our own little Thanksgiving feast. It’s always yummy, and always a great time! My 5th and last Thanksgiving celebration in Spain will take place on Saturday.

It’s kind of bitter-sweet, really. Even though it’s not the “traditional Thanksgiving” it’s been my Thanksgiving for years now. It’s become its own type of tradition. I look forward to it all year long. Our Spanish friends who come to join in the festivities talk about it from the beginning of the school year, already planning what they want to bring.

And we eat, laugh, drink, and celebrate together.

And, each year, I still take the time to sit back and think about all the things in my life that I’m thankful for. Some are big things, some are little things that I often overlook during my day-to-day routine.

So, all that being said, this year I’m thankful for:

  • My husband, who was willing to pick up and move to Spain so I could live my dream. I’m thankful to have a husband who shares my dream with me.
  • My parents and family, who have supported me throughout everything in my life, even when it meant me living an ocean away.
  • My friends I’ve met here. They’ve made this experience so wonderfully special, and I couldn’t have done it without them.
  • The technology that has allowed me to stay in touch with everyone! (At the moment, I’m messaging with my parents and all my siblings, planning our next big family adventure when I get back to the US).
  • Writing. Taking this leap into freelance writing has been crazy for me. But, I’m so thankful that I did. I’m thankful that my hubby encouraged me to do it. It’s something I truly love, and I’m so thankful that this year I was able to do something I love, while helping support my little family.
  • I’m thankful that I have money to pay my bills, to put groceries on the table, and to still travel around the world. It takes a lot of budgeting, and a lot of eating lentils and chick peas, but, we make it happen!
  • I’m thankful for my health.
  • I’m thankful for my education.
  • I’m thankful for my life. Because I love it!


This Saturday and Sunday :)

This Saturday 10/1 and Sunday 10/2 our very first publication is FREE!! If you have a minute and love short, sweet, clean romance, check it out!



She swore she would never fall for a military man again. Then, he walked into her life.


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Summer is winding down…

Don’t hate me–I know that for most of you, summer ended awhile ago.

But, here in Spain, I don’t start working again until Oct. 3rd. That means that next Monday, I will have to transition back to being an English teacher. I do, genuinely, enjoy what I do. I love working with the students, and the school I’m at is great.

But, I’m sad… I’ve really enjoyed this summer. This summer was the first time that I really stepped out and tried my hand at writing in a more professional sense.  Continue reading

Remember Us?

Well, hello there blog world!! We have been VERY absent lately…

But, we have a good reason–we promise!

The last few weeks we’ve been road tripping through Spain! After more than a year of not being in the same country together, we reunited (and brought our hubbies along as well) to spend a lot of quality, family time together–no internet distractions allowed!

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Us in Barcelona!

See? We told you it was a good reason!

We will most likely be posting a little about our trip soon, so check back for more writing madness with a little Spanish traveling flair thrown in.

Beat the Clock!


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So, one of the aspects of freelance writing is working on a schedule. It’s not the hourly sort of schedule you may find in an office-type setting, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t the always present and never to be forgotten deadlines hanging over your head.

Some people are great at working on things little by little. You know, making steady progress all the way up to that day, circled in red on the calendar, when the client will be eagerly awaiting their submission.  Continue reading



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I cannot count how many times I was told, “Time passes quickly.”

It does. So now I find myself telling the young, “Time passes quickly.”

I sit back at times and see it before my own eyes. My children who I wish I could still capture the time with again. The time passed so quickly.

I look at my marriage and how quickly the time passed. What use to be 1 year has quickly turned into 37 years.

Life clicked off in time quickly passing.

I am thankful to the ones that always reminded me of this.

Even though at times I would forget I did try to stop along the way and “smell the roses.”


Today and Tomorrow!

Standing in line at the bank and feeling a little bored? There are no cute little monsters around to catch, nothing exciting is happening on social media, and looking at recipes on your “food board” just makes you hungry.

Well, we have the answer for your short-lived crisis! Our book Shorts for Short Waits is a collection of short stories (10 to be exact) that won’t take more than 5-minutes each to read and are perfect for those short, but very annoying, waits.
The stories include a variety of topics and genres, from romance to mystery, dystopian to police/crime themes. Surely, you’ll find something you love. And, suddenly, those annoying short waits won’t be so annoying anymore!

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Hope you enjoy it.


Whitney and Wendy