The Unfortunate Truth…

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This fun little image/ quote popped up on my Facebook wall today.

It’s true that freelance writing comes with a lot of lag time between projects (especially when starting out), clients that can be difficult to work with, and hours of dedicating your talents to something that, in the end, you don’t even get credit for.

But, for some reason, we keep doing it. We keep working as freelance writers. Maybe it’s because we need the money, maybe it’s because we don’t have any other option.

Or, maybe, it’s simply because, at the end of the day, writing is our passion. We love it. Yes, it can be torture at times. But, we live for that. We live for the creative process–even if it’s creating something we don’t even like.

Or… maybe we’re all just a little crazy and slightly masochist. Who’s to say, really?


Summer is winding down…

Don’t hate me–I know that for most of you, summer ended awhile ago.

But, here in Spain, I don’t start working again until Oct. 3rd. That means that next Monday, I will have to transition back to being an English teacher. I do, genuinely, enjoy what I do. I love working with the students, and the school I’m at is great.

But, I’m sad… I’ve really enjoyed this summer. This summer was the first time that I really stepped out and tried my hand at writing in a more professional sense.  Continue reading

Remember Us?

Well, hello there blog world!! We have been VERY absent lately…

But, we have a good reason–we promise!

The last few weeks we’ve been road tripping through Spain! After more than a year of not being in the same country together, we reunited (and brought our hubbies along as well) to spend a lot of quality, family time together–no internet distractions allowed!

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Us in Barcelona!

See? We told you it was a good reason!

We will most likely be posting a little about our trip soon, so check back for more writing madness with a little Spanish traveling flair thrown in.

Today and Tomorrow!

Standing in line at the bank and feeling a little bored? There are no cute little monsters around to catch, nothing exciting is happening on social media, and looking at recipes on your “food board” just makes you hungry.

Well, we have the answer for your short-lived crisis! Our book Shorts for Short Waits is a collection of short stories (10 to be exact) that won’t take more than 5-minutes each to read and are perfect for those short, but very annoying, waits.
The stories include a variety of topics and genres, from romance to mystery, dystopian to police/crime themes. Surely, you’ll find something you love. And, suddenly, those annoying short waits won’t be so annoying anymore!

For a link to where you can find our book, (now available for FREE!!) you can simply click HERE!

We are offering our latest publishing on Amazon for free today and tomorrow.

Hope you enjoy it.


Whitney and Wendy

Who Will I Be Today?

I saw this commercial once. It was some famous actor (I don’t remember who, because 1. I’m never good with remembering actors names and 2. I don’t really care enough to try…) talking about all of the different people he had “been” throughout his career. It’s true that actors have the chance to transform themselves into many different characters–fictional, historical, fantastical, whatever. And, when I was younger I used to always envy them for that. Continue reading

My Hypocritical Soap Box

Yes, I will preface this post with a straight forward statement–I’m a hypocrite. I indulge completely in the thing that I, to be honest, rather dislike on some level.

I’ll start by coming straight out and addressing what it is I’m talking about–quick, easy, and completely open self-publishing. Why am I a hypocrite? Because as much as I dislike it, I’m so extremely thankful for it.

Now, before you all jump on the “I hate this chick” bandwagon, let me explain.  Continue reading



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The ability to identify with or understand another’s situation or feelings, Empathy is a distinctly human capability.

How many of us have recently reached out and touched someone to share in their sorrow or happiness? We express this in a hug, grasping of a shoulder, simple reaching out to hold their hand, a phone call, a simple verbal response, etc…

In today’s world, we are losing our ability to be more intimate or empathetic. We use our electronics devices for every means of communication.

We no longer verbally talk to people. Text messaging, e-cards, and e-mail have replaced our voice in communication. We have lost the ability to show intimacy with that person. We no longer hear their emotion. We only see it displayed on our device in short abbreviated text or emoticons.

Our display of photos on social media, though very nice, still has no emotional connection. How many pictures have you looked at and thought “wow, great picture!” We may even give it a like or a short comment. There is still no verbal communication or exchange of emotion. The person who posted those pictures doesn’t even know if you saw them. At times it can be a surprise if by chance you meet up with the poster or someone in the photos and talk about their trip, party, kids, etc.  And they are surprised at your knowledge especially, if they were not the person who posted the picture on social media.

That’s a whole other issue – do you really want people knowing your business posted by someone else?

How about the latest, newest way of greeting someone–the elbow bump instead of a good heartfelt handshake. Where’s the intimacy in that? Definitely not a way to express a feeling of good to see/meet you or empathy.

We are losing our human way of communication. We as humans were given the ability to express who we are through our facial expressions, body movement, voice intonation, tears, laughter, and even our signature. Can you express that in a txt, an emoticon or social media post?

I think it is sad that we are creating a generation that not only is losing their uniqueness but learning and seeing an unemotional means of interaction. How can we learn empathy if we cannot and do not express or show it in our unique human way.

How I Deal with the Dreaded “Writer’s Block”


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Anyone who has done any form of writing knows what it feels like to experience “writer’s block.” No matter if you’re writing a school paper, an article, a blog post, or a full-fledged 1200 page novel, you’ve surely had the feeling of being completely stuck at one point or another.

Well, there are a few things I do to get past those moments of “I have no idea what I’m saying and where I’m going with this…”.

To start out with, I view writer’s block as my body’s (and mind’s) way of telling me that I’m out of “creative gas.” I have nothing left in the tank; I can’t even think of character names, nonetheless develop a plot and make it worth anything!

So, I have found a few things that I do to “recharge” when I feel like I’m running low on creative juices.  Continue reading

Why I Started Writing- Wendy

I started writing at a young age. Most of those writings are in a notebook that is in a box somewhere tucked away like the memories I have of that time in my life. Safely tucked away.

I wrote then to express myself–to release the sadness, pain, and at times flickers of joy I had in my life. It might have been just three words maybe more. I have not read it or looked at it in many years.  I think we as writers write what we feel and sometimes it is only understood by ourselves. It is a release.

Now I write for enjoyment. I want to write a good clean story that is still exciting. I love the idea of Amazon KDP and our blog. I can publish my stories and hopefully someone will think wow what a great story. But if not, that’s okay because I tried–and that is quite an accomplishment.


Love from Asturias

If you’re wondering why we’ve been so absent from the blogging world the last week or so, the answer is simple!

Half of our dynamic duo has been on vacation. =)

It’s been a much needed, relaxing vacation to a northern region of Spain known as Asturias. Famous for its yummy cheese, to-die-for “sidra” (hard apple cider), awe-inspiring landscape, and quaint villages, Asturias has been an amazing getaway.

Don’t worry, though. In just a few days we’ll be back to normal.

Until then, sending love from Asturias!

Just a quick side-note–I went ahead and made a blog specifically for travel! =) So, if you’re interested, check it out HERE


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My photo of Cudillero