Liberty in Crisis

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Mom and Me Publishing is proud to announce the release of Whitney Dyes’ first novel.

Liberty in Crisis

Things were done a certain way. They had been done that way since the end of the War. Coryn knew that. She had even come to accept it. She had accepted that her life would be one constant string of pre-determined events arranged by her parents and witnessed by the entire City.

That carefully constructed string of events begins to fray, however, when the Traitors living outside of the City Wall begin to threaten everything Liberty’s proud Townspeople fought to create and strove to preserve.

The only thing that will guarantee that Liberty stands the test of time is ensuring that her family’s hold on the central seat of power remains intact. As her father’s older daughter, the responsibility falls to Coryn. But, not the responsibility to lead—the responsibility to wed. She must choose a suitor, and in doing so, select her city’s future leader and the man she will be forced to answer to for the rest of her life.

With the City’s future hinged on her present, Coryn suddenly finds herself drawn to the past. In a whirlwind of rebellion, she finds herself questioning everything she’s been told, everything she believes, and everything she’s about to do.

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