Update :)

Photo by Pixabay


Wendy here with an update.

So we have been remiss in not keeping up with our blog. Sorry, life just seems to eat up time.

Whitney has been busy being a successful free-lance writer but promises to return soon.

Me, well since I have started writing my mind has been full of stories I would love to tell. This has led to me just being totally unproductive.

So I have returned to my very first story, The Solution. It is truly my first love if one could claim that sort of thing. Hopefully, it will be completed in July 2017.

My desire in writing The Solution is to tell a story in a simple but intriguing style. My writing method may seem unusual but hopefully capture your imagination. To me, a book should be a door into your imagination and me the writer should spark that imagination as I take you along on a story you can see in your mind and heart.