Summer is winding down…

Don’t hate me–I know that for most of you, summer ended awhile ago.

But, here in Spain, I don’t start working again until Oct. 3rd. That means that next Monday, I will have to transition back to being an English teacher. I do, genuinely, enjoy what I do. I love working with the students, and the school I’m at is great.

But, I’m sad… I’ve really enjoyed this summer. This summer was the first time that I really stepped out and tried my hand at writing in a more professional sense. 

I’ve loved working as a freelance writer. My clients have been wonderful, and getting paid to write? I mean, come on! I can’t complain about that.

Mom and Me has done well, too. We haven’ been able to put out as many stories as we would have liked… but at the moment, we are working on two novellas that will hopefully be out shortly. We’re really excited about them (one is a futuristic, sci-fi type and the other is a dystopian romance)!

The main motivation for creating this blog and embarking on this adventure–The Solution, sadly, has been put on the back burner for the moment. But, that’s only because we truly believe in the stories we’re working on now.

Even though I’ll be returning to the classroom, I’m still extremely motivated to continue writing, and I plan on working, not only as a freelance writer still, but also on developing the stories I’ve started for Mom and Me.

I know we’ve been a little absent lately, but please don’t give up on us! We’re not giving up on our dream, and we really love the support from all of you wonderful fellow bloggers here on WordPress!


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