Who Will I Be Today?

I saw this commercial once. It was some famous actor (I don’t remember who, because 1. I’m never good with remembering actors names and 2. I don’t really care enough to try…) talking about all of the different people he had “been” throughout his career. It’s true that actors have the chance to transform themselves into many different characters–fictional, historical, fantastical, whatever. And, when I was younger I used to always envy them for that.

I’ve always been curious about what it would be like to experience life from a different perspective. Specifically, I’ve always been fascinated by history. I remember watching Pirates of the Caribbean, and not only wanting to know what it would be like to have Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp searching the high seas to save me (although, come on… that would be pretty awesome!) but also just wondering what it would be like to live in that time period.

It’s that curiosity that really sparked my interest in writing.

Now, although I do write a lot of historical fiction, I also write a lot of contemporary and futuristic pieces as well. And, I still get the rush of excitement I felt when I was little at getting to “be” someone else for a little while.

I love to dive into my characters completely. To give them their own personalities, struggles, strengths, and weaknesses and watch them develop. I let them have a life of their own, and I love getting to experience that life through the magic of writing.

Through writing, I have been able to “be” a vampire, a duchess, a man trying to survive the end of the world (that’s right… a man… haha), and a girl who’s trying to figure out what she wants from her life. I’ve “lived” in the wild west, in Regency England, and in a dystopian world of the future.

Everyday when I sit down in front of my computer to write, I get the chance to “be” someone else. Sometimes, I don’t like those people… that’s the honest truth. Sometimes they frustrate me. Other times, I love them. I wish I could be more like them!

Either way, it’s always an adventure. And I love every minute of it.


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