Why I Write- Whitney

It’s my turn to answer this fun little question. =)

I started writing when I was really little. I’m not *really* an only child, but my siblings are all much older than me, so…

I guess for that reason I always had a really wild imagination, since a lot of times I’d have to play by myself. I think that’s probably why I started writing. Because I had so many imaginary worlds and stories flying around in my head, and I wanted to get them out.

In high school, I wrote–like most angsty teenagers do–to vent my frustration.

And now, as an adult, I write for a few different reasons. A lot of times it’s to relax–I’m a very stressed person, and escaping into writing helps me.

I also write to deal with loss–it’s a way of processing my emotions and feelings, and really letting myself experience them completely. This writing is usually very personal and private, though. And, honestly, I don’t even think I’ve mentioned anything about this part of my life on the blog or anything…

And, of course, even though I’m a big grown up adult, part of me still loves to write to escape into my child-like imagination. To pretend like the world with all of its “grown up problems” like rent, health insurance, work, taxes, etc. doesn’t exist, and I’m still just the little girl who likes to create pretend worlds.


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