The Solution- Prologue

In the year 2059 Earth is faced with a problem it had spent years trying to avoid. Humanity is at risk. The planet has become overcrowded–there is no room to farm or raise livestock, and food is becoming scarce.

The World Council, an established organization that has worked for decades to find a way to address the problem, has finally come up with a solution.

“The Solution” is to select a very specific group of people, who fit very specific criteria, and send them into space to colonize other planets in hopes of establishing a sustainable life—one where others can be sent, and humanity can be saved.

The problem? The Council has limited knowledge of the planets they have selected. They have no way of knowing what conditions they are sending the people into.

It doesn’t matter—time is running out. They need “The Solution” to work. It is the only chance humanity has for survival.

This is the introduction to the Young Adult novel we are currently working on The SolutionOur projected release date is August 8th. 


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