I travel, therefore I am

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Picture from My Camera =)

So, I’ll just come out and say that this post is from Whitney–the daughter in our dynamic duo.

One thing that you may not know about me is that I LOVE to travel! I live for it! I take every chance I get to hop on a train, bus, or plane to see something new and experience something different.

My mom is actually the person that introduced me to traveling, taking me abroad for the first time to visit my grandma’s birthplace-Japan.

I’ve been to 15 countries, and I don’t know how many cities. I’ve also lived in Spain for roughly 4 years.

What I really, truly, whole-heartedly love about traveling is not so much discovering new things (don’t get me wrong, that’s AMAZING!), but taking those new things and finding some way to let them form who I am. I refuse to come back from a trip without having spent some time reflecting on what I’ve seen, learned, and experienced. Different cultures are beautiful, and taking a moment to realize that just because we do something one way doesn’t mean it’s the only way, is a humbling and eye-opening thing. Traveling has made me more open-minded, accepting, patient, and worldly.

So, while this may not be a travel blog, don’t be surprised if something relating to travel slips in to one of our “random” daily posts, or even forms a part of one of our “shorts.” Like I said, traveling changes you, and sort of starts to form part of who you are, so it’s hard to get away from!


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