I Hate Writing…


Image from Pixabay

“I hate writing, I love having written.”  Quote from the witty Dorothy Parker–poet, humorist, writer, rebel.

Whether you write for fun, as a profession, or just for a school paper, you can surely agree. Writing can be a long, almost tortuous endeavor. One moment there are so many ideas flying around in your head, you can’t pick which one to go with. Then the next, you’re sitting there, staring down at a blank page, without a single word to say! You want it to be perfect. You want what you write to reflect what you’re thinking–what you’re feeling. You want the reader to connect with you, with your characters, or with your argument. You know what you want to say–but how do you say it?!

But then, it happens! Almost out of nowhere you start to write. And you write, and you write, and you write! And then, when it’s all said and done, you sit back and feel an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. The long hours and countless headaches are all but forgotten.

And then, because of that feeling of joy that came with “having written”… you do it all over again!


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