So… how is this going to work?


Picture from Pixabay

You may be asking yourself–What could a blog about books give me, if they’re not going to give me full-length BOOKS?!

Well, we’re so glad you asked! Through this blog you will find information about up and coming projects we are working on, and when they’re done we’ll give you a link to where you can find the published work!

But, don’t worry! This isn’t just a place for us to put links to other sites and all that jazz. No, no, no. This is a blog about writing, stories, and the amazing world of literature!

So, with that in mind, once a week we will post a “short.” These will be between 500-1000 words, and can range from monologues, to short (SHORT) stories, to dialogues… literally anything and everything! So, keep checking in to see what’s new! Let us know what you want to read! What you like, hate, love, and absolutely can’t live without!

The first short will be up tomorrow! So come back and check it out!


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